It’s first Centech product!

  • Utilize Ir remote controllers as USB keyboards
  • Operating PC from far away by Ir transmission (Transmittable distance according to the remote controller)
  • Available to record several steps key operations to 1 button (Max. 6 key pushing simultaneously and 8 steps macro)
  • Any host device supporting USB keyboards can be used with this adapter.
  • Capture Ir remote controller data and assign keys operation need Windows machine.
  • Efforts free from repeating several key operations


Contents:CT-IRKEY、USB-mini B Calbe, Silicon sticky mat

Cautions: This products are not included user’s manual or softwares. Download them this site.

Size: W50xH26xD60.4mm (No protrusions measured)

Weight: Around 60 grams (No accessories measured)

Supported devices: PC, TV, Game machines etc. which supports USB keyboards

Windows PC needs to preset.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8